Zumbini® (Summer Session)


Zumbini® is a music and movement class for children, 0 to 4 years, to attend with their music-loving caregiver. We combine original Zumba®-style music with dancing, singing, instruments, scarves, balls, and more to create this fun and engaging 45-minute class. 

In addition to a love of music and movement, we want children to develop a stronger bond with their caregiver. There are many opportunities to sing together, dance together, and laugh together throughout this class. To keep the fun in learning going, each family receives a Bini Bundle-copies of our class music, access to streaming music on the Zumbini® app, a plush doll of the main character, and a beautifully illustrated song book! 

Zumbini® summer session is $150 for (8) classes  or $131.25 for (7) 45-minute classes along with the Bini-Bundle, copies of our class music with a beautifully illustrated song book and a plush character doll to keep the fun going wherever you go! (Price only varies based on number of classes in each location, see more below.) Click Here to register for the whole summer!

*New Half-Class Pass Option!* Can’t make it to all of the classes this summer but still want to have a ton of fun in Zumbini®? Select the new Half-Class Pass option for $95 which includes (4) flexible class dates and you will receive the Bini-Bundle of class music to keep the fun going wherever you are this summer! (You can chose any 4 class dates to attend this summer, but you must confirm dates after pass purchase.)

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Summer session will feature “Kalino Finds the Music” music collection!


Spaces Are Limited, Register Today!   Classes are offered:

Tuesday 9:30am at Third Space Wellness, 8001 Kennett St., Silver Spring, MD 20910   June 20th-August 1st  (No class July 4th,) $131.25 for (7) classes including (1) Make-Up that you can use in any other class offering

*New Location* Wednesday 9:30am at Congregation Beth El, 8215 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD 20814   June 21st-August 2nd $131.25 for (7) classes

*New Location* Wednesday 10:30am at Congregation Beth El, 8215 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD 20814,  June 21st-August 2nd $131.25 for (7) classes

*New* Friday 10:30am at Buy Buy Baby Store, 1683 Rockville Pike  Rockville, MD 20852 June 2nd- August 4th $150 for (8) classes

Saturday 9:00am at Third Space Wellness, 8001 Kennett St., Silver Spring, MD 20910 June 24th- August 5th $131.25 for (7) classes

Saturday 11:15am at Third Space Wellness, 8001 Kennett St., Silver Spring, MD 20910 June 24th- August 5th $131.25 for (7) classes

Thinking of coming twice a week? You’ll receive a special Zumbini® instrument bundle when you register for two class sessions!

Already have the Kalino music from a past session? You’ll receive this instrument bundle instead! (Email Me when you register!)

  • Want to enroll siblings or twins? Email me for a special discount!
  • The instrument bundle is only for (2) full-class registrations two separate days a week, not for siblings in the same class. If you already own the Kalino music bundle from a previous session, email me when you register to make sure you receive an instrument bundle instead.
  • Missed a Zumbini® class? You can always attend a Make-Up class!
  • When purchasing the Half-Class Pass, you must email me after purchase to confirm the (4) dates you will be attending. This will help keep the flexibility all families are craving while also keeping children safe with limited class sizes (no last minute drop-ins allowed!)
  • If the class you want is full, please email and let me know so I can add additional classes!
  • All registrations are final once the session has begun. Please speak with me if you have any concerns. 
  • There are no drop-in’s for Zumbini®, just Baby Mombo and Strong Mama Classes.