Zumbini® Registration & Social Growth!

I cannot believe we are more than halfway through this fall semester and I just traded my flip flops for cute boots last week! Thank you to the almost 50 families who are joining me each week as we sing, dance, make music, and make memories together!

As we are so far along in this session, registration for these fall classes is now closed. If you want to attend a trial class to see how much fun you and your little one will have in class, feel free to email and schedule a date today. You can also be added to my email list so you’ll be one of the first to hear when our next session’s registration is open!


Why close registration? The purpose behind hosting session-based classes for children is to truly grow their socialization skills in addition to many other skills while in a predictable environment. When children feel truly comfortable with the class format and seeing the same people attending class each week, they will be ready to try new things, sing a little louder, or bust a new move!

More importantly, when children see the same people week after week they learning to trust those around them. They start to reach out to other children while engaging in their  version of, “Do you want to be my friend?” While I want new parents and little ones to keep joining us week after week in Zumbini®, I also know how important consistency is for these young ones to!

Just this past week I’ve seen two babies light up with smilies as they entered the room seeing a familiar friend’s face. Another child not only gave me a hug after the lullaby, but every other parent in the room. A third child took a large amount of scarves out of the box so that he could pass them out to everyone on the other side of the circle. Seeing these beautiful moments of social growth makes me melt inside!


So thank you to everyone who joins us each week, you all make a huge difference in each other’s lives! For anyone who is wanting to join in on the fun, please email me to chat about next session or trial class soon. Can’t wait to see how much growth is coming in the second half of this fall!

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