Working out with baby in the pool!

“So what do you want to do today?”- me at breakfast

“Wa wa kick!”- baby

(“Wa wa kick… what the heck does that mean?”)- me in my head

“Wa wa kick!”- baby vigorously pointing to the door

It took a few rounds of this conversation before mama finally was able to decode that he wants to go into the water to kick, in the pool! (Phew, that was a stretch even for me to figure out. More coffee please!)

While this kid is getting a daily workout in pool climbing up and down the stairs, holding on to the pool wall doing his version of chin ups, and kicking his feet like crazy while we “swim”, I realized that this is a great time to figure out ways for me to work out with him!

You may have seen those videos of mamas pushing babies around in laundry baskets or reading a book to the baby while they hold a wall squat. This is not that kind of post, kinda hard to coordinate a video shoot while keeping his head above water!

I learned so much during my Aqua Zumba® training last summer that I haven’t been able to put into practice until now! Now while holding my little guy, I make a point to keep my lower body moving with front/side kicks, grapevine side to side, or doing a tuck jump. He loves all the different ways I move since it makes him move him in the water too, especially the jump!

Another way I try to get a little more movement in our pool time is by running laps. He loves to lay on his belly and kick kick kick. While holding under his arms, mostly supporting his head out of the water, I “run” from one side of the pool to the other. Baby feels like he’s on a water ride and I feel like Usain Bolt in slow motion.

It’s not enough to count as exercise for the day, but I know it’s the little things that add up throughout the week. We’re super lucky to get to the pool almost everyday so if I incorporate a little more movement each day, it will mean a lot more moving by the end of the week. Hope you and your little one are getting some pool time together too!


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