Want To Play A Ukulele ?or Djembe? Just head to the library!

Want To Play A Ukulele ?or Djembe? Just head to the library!

Now while you borrow your newest mystery thriller you can also borrow a music instrument from the Montgomery County Library Of Things located at the Twinbrook branch.

They have a range of ukuleles, electric guitars, amps, djembes, and some lesser-known percussion instruments all to borrow for free. When we stumbled upon this, I knew we had to go check this out!

It didn’t take long for him to decide ukulele was the one for him. The manager was so fantastic in taking the time to let him explore each option. We tried every single drum. I loved experimenting with the Slit Tongue Tuned Drum, discovering the different tones that could be made just inches apart from each other. You can see all of the availible instruments here.

The ukulele has been used every day the last two weeks. He has learned the difference between this instrument with many fees attached and the $5 version we own. This has become a time that we sit together every day, sing simple songs and strum together. If you haven’t tried it with your little one yet, the ukulele is a perfect size for little bodies and fingers to hold while strumming along!

All the songs in the world and this kid still love Old MacDonald!

We’ve moved on to the guitar now (seems this kid loves everything in the string family.) What I love is seeing his excitement at playing this new instrument while we learn together as a family. 

The library also gives a list of resources to help continue learning each instrument with a digital aid.  Here’s a link to their extra resources.

I can’t wait to see what instrument he will start to learn next! I’ve got dibs on the steel pans! Hope you have a ton of fun learning new instruments with your little one to!


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