Exploring Sticks In Zumbini

Sticks can be one of the most versatile instruments your little one will ever play. While in class they are natural colored wood, 8”, and in matching sets, you may start to notice that your little one can find a substitute everywhere: wooden spoons, pencils, chopsticks, tree limbs, anything can be a musical instrument! Tapping sticks uses

Want To Play A Ukulele ​or Djembe? Just head to the library!

Now while you borrow your newest mystery thriller you can also borrow a music instrument from the Montgomery County Library Of Things located at the Twinbrook branch. They have a range of ukuleles, electric guitars, amps, djembes, and some lesser-known percussion instruments all to borrow for free. When we stumbled upon this, I knew we

Exploring Eggs In Zumbini

Shaking eggs has always been a favorite instrument when working with young children, both in a traditional classroom format and in Zumbini. Eggs are super fun, easy to create a sound, and portable for these little movers! One of my favorite things about eggs is how easy it is to create a sound. Just turning

Music Is A Language For Everyone In Zumbini

Maybe you’ve seen one of my favorite quotes, “Music is the universal language.” Every week in Zumbini I am reminded how true this statement is. It doesn’t matter what language someone speaks to communicate, everyone can “speak” music.  From the tiny babies with little verbal language to a fluent adult, everyone can communicate with music. When

Additional Articles by Amanda

Putting everything I want to share on (virtual) paper goes two ways for me. Either I’m completely stuck on how to begin or it’s like my fingers are flying on the keyboard cranked up on coffee! Sometimes I just want to keep sharing about music and movement with young children or prenatal/postnatal fitness, other times

Free Zumbini Class!

Ready to start 2019 off with a Free Zumbini class?  Wednesday, Jan. 9th, 9:30am Rock Creek Dance Academy Bethesda, MD Click here to save your spot! Wednesday, Jan. 9th, 10:30am Rock Creek Dance Academy Bethesda, MD Click here to save your spot! Thursday, Jan. 10th, 10am Posh Cycling and Fitness College Park, MD Click here

Play With Your Food To Build Pre-Writing Skills!

Did you ever think you would encourage your little one to play with their food? What if it would help to build their pre-writing skills? Play on and eat up little one! What Are Pre-Writing Skills? Pre-writing skills are the fundamentals young children need to master in order to complete more advanced writing tasks. Between

6 Things I’m Afraid My Kid Will Do In Class

Afraid of what your little one will do in a group activity for the first time? Here are some of the top fears parents face when starting a new class and some comforting words of wisdom: 1. Lick the mirror Mirrors are like this magical portal that must be licked. Toddlers are developmentally egotistical, which

My Baby Can Read! How Reading To Infants Develops A Lifelong Love of Reading!

I know from the title you can tell how excited I am that my baby can read! No, not picking up a random book and deciphering the words, but really starting to read on his current developmental level.   Where does reading begin? When should I read to a baby? What does this look like for

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