Takoma Mamas Reunion!

Kicking off summer with an amazing group of mamas and babies (and the dads all taking the photos!) It was so much fun to be back in the group that started most of our lives as mamas over a year ago.

When we met in colder weather back in 2016, all of these now super fast toddlers we’re tiny squishes. My little guy was the youngest attending for while, we started when he was just 10 days old.

Back then we bonded over loss of sleep, sore nipples, being pooped on, and trying to figure out how not only keep these tiny people alive, but how to grow them into amazing people. Just my opinion, but I think we all have done a fantastic job so far!

Watching them walk, run, talk, blow bubbles, feed themselves, and socialize with other kids their age at the gathering may have been as much fun as the mamas had catching up too!

So thankful for this group of women who helped shape me as a new mom in the early days, and who continue to share in smiles now!

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