Music Is A Language For Everyone In Zumbini

Maybe you’ve seen one of my favorite quotes, “Music is the universal language.” Every week in Zumbini I am reminded how true this statement is. It doesn’t matter what language someone speaks to communicate, everyone can “speak” music.  From the tiny babies with little verbal language to a fluent adult, everyone can communicate with music. When

New Study About Infant Development

Passing along this info to any local families who may be interested in participating: My name is Dr. Courtney Filippi and I am from the University of Maryland Child Development Lab and National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Our lab, The Child Development Lab, in College Park, MD, in collaboration with a lab at the

Sing With Me Baby!

You love singing and dancing with your little one in Zumbini® class, but did you know about all of the learning going on too? Are you familiar with the stages of musical development and what developmentally appropriate musical expectation looks like at each age? Most people aren’t as familiar with this topic! We are much more

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