Slide In Slow Motion=Hilarious Park Fun


As our summer is coming to an end I knew I had to share this funny post. We found an amazing local park that not only has swings, climbers, wheels to spin, and slides, it also boarders the Green Line. Every 8-10 minutes it looked like a magic spell was cast over all of the children who stopped to stare and say, “Train!” ​

Loving the large gears we found at this park too! This little guy was really interested in watching all of the gears spin from the first one he turned. You can really see his thinking almost saying, “Wait, how is this one over here moving? I turned this one way over here?!?”

And of course it wouldn’t have made our favorite list if it didn’t have these two objects: a place to make music and a place to drive a bus! He really loved being the director at this school bus, “Sit mama. I drive bus.” After being in the backseat long enough to make my butt hurt, I stood up to leave which prompted him to reply, “No sit mama. My turn drive.” White flag, that was too cute.

But the best part of this playground was capturing his face on this big slide! I promise this was like the 10th time he went down so I knew it was safe to let him go alone while I filmed (he landed on his feet 9/10 times.)

Hope this makes you smile as much as it made me smile!

Come play with us one day soon!

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