Singing Growth In 2 Days!

Here’s a little backstory if you don’t know us very well: I am a very musical person (concert/marching bands since 3rd grade, choirs, early childhood teacher using music in the classroom all day long, and Zumbini® teacher), this kid was probably singing in the womb (I taught music classes and worked with young children throughout my pregnancy), and since birth he has been coming to classes with me each week not to mention the amount of music that we sing and hear at home.

One of the amazing benefits of Zumbini® is all of the original music coming from Zumba®. All of the songs are new, upbeat, catchy, and fun to listen to as the grown-up. If you’ve taken a class with me, I can almost guarantee you’ve heard me say “The music is fantastic, kids love all of the songs, and since it’s all original there’s no ‘Old MacDonald’ or ‘Wheels On The Bus’, just lots of fun, new music.”

And guess what song he is singing all day long these days? Yep, Wheels On The Bus. Facepalm.  His current obsession with wheels has lead to this song being sung all. day. long.

Looking on the bright side, all of this singing means I can capture the grow of the song! 


The first video is where you kinda know what he is singing, you can hear the 3 beats where “round and round” is being sung, and there’s a pretty strong, “Aa trou town” at the end. There’s a few extra, “wheel wheel” thrown in there along with some sounds that kinda match the tune. Then two days later:


“Beep beep beep, beep beep beep, beep beep beep, asdlkalsiernwermysafoisd (the horn on the bus goes beep beep beep), all trough T!” 

Hear the difference? A few days later he’s got a better understanding of all of the syllables and beats in the song, he’s able to repeat the sound word the correct amount of times, he’s mushed together a bunch of sounds for the last sentence of the song, and ending with a very strong, “All through the town!” (Side note, we own the world’s most tolerant cat-dog.)

I know I hear this all the time with him and the many babies I work within classes, but to the see the growth in just a few days is still amazing to realize! Their brains work so hard on acquiring new information and skills while refining their abilities in such a fast way.

Keep singing to your little ones, they’re listening and growing every day! Now off to find another song about wheels! 

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