Pups In the Park

Pups In the Park


So we did! Baby and dog’s first baseball game at the National’s Pups In The Park game was a ton of fun for humans and those with tails who think they’re humans.

(Don’t ask me why baby is trying to look like Stallone in this pic.)

The socialization was great for the dogs as well as the kids. While Sophie sniffed many a butt, baby was excited to meet different types of dogs, discuss what they look like, and get so many kisses. The picture on the right was the biggest dog we have seen in a while; after he gave baby a kiss, a string of, “All done, all done!” ran out from our little guy.

Who would have thought a baseball park would be a great place to build his vocabulary? Some words came from the park itself like benches, ticket, baseball, and field, and so many came from discussing all of the dogs we were seeing. Dogs were large, small, hairy, furry, drooling, scared, loud, etc. I think his favorite were the ones sporting their National’s jersey- Dogs wear shirts? What??

Not before long I was super excited to check out the National’s nursing lounge that I heard so much about to help get this kid to fall asleep. While mama got to enjoy the frosty air conditioning and the best TV screen she’s ever seen, baby drifted off to sleep in that quiet room. And during that glorious nap, mama and dada got a moment to share a beer and watch the game!

My favorite part had to be watching how he participated throughout the game. There was a lot of random spurts of clapping after pitches/innings that he would look up and start clapping along. Exploring the foldable seat he’s never seen before was very exciting for him. And just looking around the crowd saying, “Dog! Dog! Dog!”

If you have a little one and/or a dog we highly suggest going to the next Pups In The Park game. (If you are a hardcore baseball fan, note that you will miss 95% of the game if you bring a little one and/or dog!)

“Peanuts cost how much?!?”- Sophie

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