Strong Mama is a Prenatal/Postnatal fitness class designed to get every mama feeling strong!

Exercises will be tailored for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum recovery so you can work at your own pace and ability. This class will combine strength (with or without dumbbells) and cardio endurance exercises to give a complete body workout.

Bring water and a yoga mat, I’ll supply the weights and smilies!

All mamas (Pregnant and Postpartum) need to be cleared for exercise by their respective doctors. Anyone with a severe or diagnosed case of Diastasis Recti, please contact me before registering for this class.

Plan on eating a light snack (think protein!) approximately 45-minutes before class to keep you feeling strong while we work out.

*Non-mobile babies are welcome! Bring a blanket for your little one. Sorry, any babies on the move are not permitted in this class for their safety!*



Yes! As long as your little one is non-mobile they are welcome to join us! Bring a blanket or extra yoga mat so they can stretch out, get some tummy time, and be inspired watching you!

As much I love older babies who are on the move, due to the nature of the class it is not safe for mobile children to join us in Strong Mama. We want to keep them safe while you focus on getting in a full workout for yourself.

Generally speaking, yes! Women are now being encouraged to continue exercising for an active pregnancy. Of course, this depends on your specific pregnancy. As long as your doctor/midwife feels you can continue normal movement and exercise, this class is a great option for you.

One of the reasons that I started offering this class was because I felt like I had no idea what was/was not safe to do while I was pregnant. Between the mixed messages found online and my own lack of knowledge at the time, I did much less than I wanted to out of precaution.

After my son was born, I had similar fears in returning to exercise with a whole new body. That is when I decided to educate myself with a Prenatal/Postnatal Exercise Specialist Certification and a Group Fitness Certification. Strong Mamas was designed to help more local mamas move, feel strong, stay healthy, and connect with others during their pregnancy with safe, effective workouts.

As soon as your doctor/midwife has cleared you to return to normal activity, you are welcome to join us in the class! You can always start with easier weights or modified movements and increase each week as you continue to grow your strength.

Yes and no! Yes, if you have a separation that is 3 finger widths or less, I’m happy to have you in class. If you have a more severe diagnosed case of Diastasis Recti, please see a specialized physical therapist first. They will work with you to train your body to move safely as you work towards closing the gap.

All exercises in this class are already modified to assume everyone has some small form of diastasis recti. For instance, we do not do any cross-crunches as this can actually make a separation worse. I will help to teach you how to properly engage your core for more advanced moves such as planking. With correct form and knowledge of your movements, you can definitely continue to workout with diastasis recti.

In this class, we will not do any motions such as cross-crunches, jumping, burpees, challenging balance movements, lying on the stomach, etc. These types of movements are not recommended for both mom and baby’s safety.

To make sure every mama pregnant and postpartum is safe throughout the class, we focus on only getting to a 5-8 on an exertion scale of 1-10. You should feel challenged, tired, and a little sore after class, but never to the point of exhaustion, panting, unable to talk while exercising, etc.


A yoga mat and water is all you need! I’ll supply the weights. If your little one will be attending, you may want to also bring an addition mat or blanket for them to stretch out for floor time/tummy time as they cheer you on!

Trained by leading prenatal/postnatal fitness expert Lindsay Brin, I decided to pursue this Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness Certification soon after having my own little guy. I remember hearing mixed messages about what was/wasn’t safe during my pregnancy, how much was safe to do, not finding class offerings in my area (besides yoga) which tailored to the pregnant population, and still felt just as confused entering the gym postpartum!

How could I safely move my body in addition to strengthening all of the muscles supporting my body’s amazing change? After completing my certification, I knew it was time to share what I learned with more local mamas!

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email me, happy to help!

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