Baby Mombo is a babywearing dance fitness class designed by Amanda to help parents sweat and smile with their little one! During this 45-minute high-energy class, babies will be wrapped in love while they feel the rhythm of their parents getting fit!

Not sure if you can keep up? This class will be taught with multiple levels of intensity to match what is comfortable for you and your baby. Every day is different, so do what feels right for you during every song in every class!

Not sure if this will be enough of a workout? Take the squats deeper or walk further on traveling steps. I’ll demonstrate the various levels you can choose to take each song in the class. You also have the option of using hand weights to increase toning in your arms.

Before attending a class, please check out Babywearing International’s Safety Website to ensure your baby is safely and correctly placed in your carrier!

As soon as your little one is ready to snuggle they are welcome in Baby Mombo!

There is more of a restriction on when mamas are able to participate. Since most women are cleared to return to exercise around 6-8 weeks, most babies are at least this old when starting class. I encourage you to wear your baby from the very beginning since there are so many benefits to babywearing! Join us when you are healed enough to start working out again.

Generally, the answer is no! As long as your little one loves to be close with you in a carrier they are welcome to attend. We’ve had toddlers close to 2-years old continue to come to class because they loved the feeling of dancing with mama!

It is important that you are strong enough to not only hold your child but to also be able to move comfortably in this class. If you’ve been babywearing since birth it will not be as hard for you to join this class as someone who is just starting with an older child. Remember, you can always take squats, lunges, and other challenging moves at your own pace. Just moving around carrying your child is a workout too!

Many mamas have liked using a soft-structured carrier in class since this type tends to feel most secure when moving around. Wraps are also a great choice, many mamas use wraps for smaller/younger babies. When using a wrap, you may need to stop and tighten more often throughout the class to make sure your little one is always secured.

As far as brands, styles, colors, etc., that’s completely up to you! As long as you are comfortable using the carrier and your little one enjoys being snuggled up next to you, you can bring whatever type of carrier you would like!

Water, carrier, and baby and the only requirements for this class! Some locations are barefoot, others use sneakers. Dress comfortably. Many mamas like a T-shirt to help keep themselves and the baby cool under the carrier.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to email me, happy to help!

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