Learning To Throw: Lessons In The Dog Park

Here’s why dog and I are so excited these days: the little guy is learning how to throw a ball! WHOOO! It’s a little obvious why dog is so excited, but why am I?

Besides the fact that they can both entertain each other while I do things like make dinner or pee, this is a really fun skill to watch him develop.

For months he has practiced “throwing” in our Zumbini® class with scarves. While most times this was just him dropping the scarf by releasing his hand, he has always been watching how the bid kids throw.

The first attempt in this video is my favorite, seems like a cartoon when it bounces into his head. The second attempt you can see his arm is starting with the ball closer to his ear and the forward motion of an overhanded throw. 

Not trying out for the Nats just yet, but dog is happy with his progress! Love that we can find learning everywhere we go, even the dog park!

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