Imagination Begins!

​What does a random basket of toys and banging a drumstick have to do with all of my excitement?? Watching the first video probably leaves you thinking, “Ok, so he likes to bang the stick into a pile of stuff, what’s the big deal?”

Watch the second video and see….

​​GET IT?!?!? The first video was dipping the wand into the bubble liquid, the second video shows him taking the bubble wand to Daddy to blow bubbles.  I know it’s not recreating the wheel, but seeing this happen is as exciting as seeing first smilies or first steps.

This is the first time he is using found objects to reenact something he has seen and done in his life without any prompting. When children are able to demonstrate this level of play, it means their brain is capable of more advanced cognitive flexibility, creativity, imagination, taking on various social roles, and directing their play in a new way. If you want to geek out with me, I found a great article with more scientific fancy words that explains pretend play’s importance in child development. 

No I don’t think these videos will be enough to get him early admission to Harvard, yes I do this he’s a genius (he is my kid, hehe 🙂 and yes, I’m super excited to start a whole new level of play with this kid this summer.


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