Hardest Part of Being A Momtrepreneur

Hardest Part of Being A Momtrepreneur

Anyone else finding the hardest part of being a momtrepreneur (mom and entrepreneur) are the things that aren’t in a book?
You know, the things  that you didn’t read while preparing to become a parent or before starting your business. Even after all of the books, articles, blog posts, etc. that I read, I’m still finding the hardest things I struggle with aren’t in those guides. Sometimes I can find funny memes that depict what I’m feeling, but overall there hasn’t been anything I could have read to really capture what would be challenging about these past two years.
Mom hard things: lack of sleep, breastfeeding, constant “Am I doing this right?” feeling, developing fructose malabsorption since the birth (seriously, an apple is my intestine’s enemy), making decisions that don’t have black and white answers, etc.

Entrepreneur hard things: lack of sleep, coding and troubleshooting, constant “Am I doing this right?” feeling, making decisions that don’t have black and white answers, etc.

Starting to notice some similarities here. That whole, “There’s no right or wrong answer, just what is best for you” drives me bananas (also a digestion enemy.)  I live for things to be right or wrong, black or white, gut feelings leading to correct answers. But the longer that I am a momtrepreneur the more I am realizing how many answers are grey. (And not the of the sexy 50 shades type of grey.)

How do you make decisions that are best for yourself, your kids, your significant other, your financials, your household, and your cat at the same time?

You can’t, and something has to give.That’s the best answer I can find short using a magic wand or genie wishes. The stress of making these decisions can sometimes be so overwhelming and paralyzing that we just keep going without any changes.

Sometimes the hard stuff is alienating from friends and family who don’t “get it”. It’s just easier to worry on the inside and smile on the outside. Of course they love and support you, but similar to other life struggles, it is tricky to empathize without having experienced the same thing.

And then things happen that force you to decide.

No more shaking magic eight balls for answers or crunching numbers until midnight. It’s just time to make your decision and move forward with however the ripples in your pond will play out. That right there, venturing into the unknown without solid answers, is the scariest part of motherhood and business that isn’t in a book.

Sorry if you kept reading to find my epiphany here at the bottom, you may want to scroll back up to stare at that super cute kid at the top instead. I envy the people that got answers via burning bushes or by being struck by lightening when flying a kite. It seemed so easy for them to know what to do next.

If you’re reading this and not a mom or entrepreneur, I’m sure you know someone who fits one of those categories if not both. Go hug that lady. Like right now, I’m sure she needs it.

And for my momtrepreneurs reading this, let’s make tough decisions together over coffee and ice cream. Just no fruit please.

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