Exploring Eggs In Zumbini

Shaking eggs has always been a favorite instrument when working with young children, both in a traditional classroom format and in Zumbini. Eggs are super fun, easy to create a sound, and portable for these little movers!

One of my favorite things about eggs is how easy it is to create a sound. Just turning an egg over makes a sound. All children, regardless of age or development, are able to create a sound with this instrument. Even if they drop it! There’s also a fun change in dynamics with eggs. While they can be loud when shaken quickly in a group, these are generally a quieter instrument. The exception to this is when we ask children to shake them gently right next to their ears; that sound is so loud and concentrated it’s surprising!

The shape of these eggs is another reason anyone can create sound.

They fit perfectly in the palm of an adult hand and they are a great size for gripping in young children’s hands. For the youngest babies, it looks more like they are gripping a baseball using while they use their whole hand. This type of grip strengthens different hand muscles than gripping sticks or bells.

I like to assume these are super delicious to little ones because the name itself is a food! While they are exploring how this instrument creates sounds by placing it in their mouth, little ones are also figuring out the shape, size, and texture of eggs that are different from all other instruments. How can this distinct oval shape have smooth sides and no edges? (Again, no worries, I’m happy to clean them every class!)

Come to a Zumbini class soon where you and your little one will get to shake some eggs, make some music, and make lots of memories together!

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