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One of my favorite parts of teaching Zumbini® is seeing the growth each child makes week after week. Sometimes their growth is in singing a new word, sometimes it’s a social skill like waving to a friend or a physical skill like jumping, and sometimes it’s a musical skill!

I’ve been lucky to not only see hundreds of kids grow and change in the past few years but to also see the long-term growth with my own little one. He has been drumming since the days he attended Zumbini® prenatally (always kicking the belly!)

When he first started coming less than 4 months old, he was super focused on staring, listening, and feeling the beat on the drum. He would keep his hands on the drumhead while the older kids patted away, feeling the vibrations they were creating. Just listening, feeling, hearing, and watching.

As he grew, little by little he started to pat along with us. Random arm movements at first, then slowly becoming more coordinated movements. Sometimes on the beat, sometimes drumming to his own rhythm!

And then it was like an explosion of drumming with musicality! All of a sudden he could pat with two hands keeping a steady beat. He started alternating hands while drumming. And most recently, he will pat in time while singing basic songs!

This progression is exactly what we want to see in Zumbini® over lots and lots of time. Each child develops at their own pace at their own time, but we also know that with more repetition and exposure to new experiences, children will gain skills more quickly than peers who have not have the same experiences.

Many parents have mentioned not wanting to bring their tiny baby to Zumbini® yet because they, “Aren’t old enough to participate.” While I completely respect your feelings, I want you to know that they are participating in the most important way possible for their current stage of development! Their brains are working so hard to process all of the new information they are acquiring in class which will then turn into the foundation for their future skills! No matter how young, all babies can participate in their own way.

So whether it’s drumming at Zumbini® class or banging on pots in the kitchen, break out the aspirin for yourself and let your little one drum away! Today it may sound like noise, to them it sounds like fun, and tomorrow it will start to sound like music! Happy drumming!



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