Come Join Me For A Free Class August 26th-31st! 

Excited For Fall? Me Too!

Come Join Me For A Free Class August 26th-31st! 

Try out Zumbini® for free then receive a special offer when you enroll in the fall session of classes! Save Your Free Zumbini® Class Spot Here!

Come to Baby Mombo® or Strong Mama for free to see how you love to workout with your little one (still in the belly or non-mobile babies welcome!). Save Your Free Spot In A Baby Mombo or Strong Mama Class Here!

Please note:

  • Free class week is for new participants only. If you have already taken a class with me previously, thank you! Contact me with any questions.
  • Please only register for (1) free class this to allow room for everyone who would like to participate. 
  • Read all information and guidelines about each individual class before attending so you and your little one will have fun while being safe!
    • All mamas must be cleared by their doctor to participate in Baby Mombo and Strong Mama.
    • All children must be in carriers for Baby Mombo.
    • Only non-mobile babies are allowed to attend Strong Mama (sorry mobile babies, it is not safe for you!)
  • As always, please contact me with any questions!


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