Learning To Throw: Lessons In The Dog Park

Here’s why dog and I are so excited these days: the little guy is learning how to throw a ball! WHOOO! It’s a little obvious why dog is so excited, but why am I? Besides the fact that they can both entertain each other while I do things like make

Worry When They’re Quiet

Sheer joy, tons of excitement, all thanks to a tissue. Well, a box of tissues. This is just a snapshot, scroll for the real deal. While cooking dinner, he had changed from playing in the living room where he is in my sight line to playing in his room, out

Working out with baby in the pool!

“So what do you want to do today?”- me at breakfast “Wa wa kick!”- baby (“Wa wa kick… what the heck does that mean?”)- me in my head “Wa wa kick!”- baby vigorously pointing to the door It took a few rounds of this conversation before mama finally was able

Pups In the Park

“TAKEMEOUTTOTHEBALLGAMETAKEMETAKEMEPLEASE!!!!”-Sophie, the dog So we did! Baby and dog’s first baseball game at the National’s Pups In The Park game was a ton of fun for humans and those with tails who think they’re humans. The socialization was great for the dogs as well as the kids. While Sophie sniffed

Singing Growth In 2 Days!

Here’s a little backstory if you don’t know us very well: I am a very musical person (concert/marching bands since 3rd grade, choirs, early childhood teacher using music in the classroom all day long, and Zumbini® teacher), this kid was probably singing in the womb (I taught music classes and

Arboretum Visit And Surprise Find!

I’d like to say this post will be about all of the beautiful nature and outdoor learning we did together on our family trip to the Arboretum, but I won’t lie. We spent most of our time at this gate. Open and close. Open and close. Open, go through to

Touch-A-Truck And Baby Rides A Segway!

Touch-A-Truck could not have happened at a better time for this little guy. Given his current excitement around trucks and wheels, this event was a dream come true for him! We climbed into all different types of vehicles: garbage trucks, front loaders, pick up trucks, school buses, National Guard tanks

Clemyjontri Park, aka “WHEEL WHEEL”

​ There are swings, monkey bars, climbers, rocking horses, slides, and more space than all parks I went to as a kid combined, but we spent all of our time at the “WHEEL WHEEL!” (his words) The life-size firetruck was pretty much all of his current interests made into the

Imagination Begins!

​ ​What does a random basket of toys and banging a drumstick have to do with all of my excitement?? Watching the first video probably leaves you thinking, “Ok, so he likes to bang the stick into a pile of stuff, what’s the big deal?” Watch the second video and

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