Lots of Free Classes This Weekend At NBC4’s Health & Fitness Expo!

Lots of Free Classes This Weekend! NBC4’s Health & Fitness Expo March 10-11th Washtington Convention Center, Halls D &E Saturday, March 10 9-5pm Sunday, March 11 9-4pm   I’ll be there with free classes! There are lots of free things for all ages at this huge event, but be sure to find me to dance

Teaching With Breakfast Pizza!

Ok, I’m sure by now you’re probably wondering, “Does this family eat anything that isn’t pizza?” Yes, actually the only thing this kid typically eats for breakfast is porridge. (That’s right, not oatmeal, I said porridge like Goldilocks and the bears…) But today we were out of his typical favorite so when I asked what

Baby Wearing Tour of Botanical Gardens!

Looking for a another place to meet up with other baby wearing parents? While I love dancing with you all  on Tuesdays in Baby Mombo, I am super excited to find out about another baby wearing activity on Thursdays. The National Botanical Garden offers 45-minute guided tours on Thursdays at 10:30am with different explorations each

Indoor Playground Fun!

Looking for fun indoor playground ideas? Here are some local options to get out and play with your little one!   Free: Westfield Wheaton Mall  Storyville Montgomery County Open Gym (Scroll until you see “Tiny Tots/Li’l Ones” for specific location information.)   Paid: Skill Zone DC   Busy Bees   Be With Me- The Playseum

Local Doulas, Midwives, and More Birth Resources

Looking for more info on local doulas, midwives, and more birth resources? Thanks to all of the information and stories mamas have shared with me throughout the years!  Here are some of the local options I can share with you: Doulas   Metropolitan Doulas Providing doulas for daytime newborn care, overnight newborn care, baby care

Hardest Part of Being A Momtrepreneur

Anyone else finding the hardest part of being a momtrepreneur (mom and entrepreneur) are the things that aren’t in a book? You know, the things  that you didn’t read while preparing to become a parent or before starting your business. Even after all of the books, articles, blog posts, etc. that I read, I’m still

New Study About Infant Development

Passing along this info to any local families who may be interested in participating: My name is Dr. Courtney Filippi and I am from the University of Maryland Child Development Lab and National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Our lab, The Child Development Lab, in College Park, MD, in collaboration with a lab at the

Local Mama Groups

Looking for local Mama Groups to find other mamas (and dads!) starting this exciting stage of life? I’m very lucky to know of lots of opportunities in the local area thanks to everyone who have shared with me. Now it’s my turn to share these local mama groups with you!     Takoma Mamas and

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