Touch-A-Truck And Baby Rides A Segway!

Touch-A-Truck could not have happened at a better time for this little guy. Given his current excitement around trucks and wheels, this event was a dream come true for him! We climbed into all different types of vehicles: garbage trucks, front loaders, pick up trucks, school buses, National Guard tanks and humvees, street sweepers, 18-wheelers,

Clemyjontri Park, aka “WHEEL WHEEL”

​ There are swings, monkey bars, climbers, rocking horses, slides, and more space than all parks I went to as a kid combined, but we spent all of our time at the “WHEEL WHEEL!” (his words) The life-size firetruck was pretty much all of his current interests made into the best structure ever: truck, wheels,

Imagination Begins!

​ ​What does a random basket of toys and banging a drumstick have to do with all of my excitement?? Watching the first video probably leaves you thinking, “Ok, so he likes to bang the stick into a pile of stuff, what’s the big deal?” Watch the second video and see…. ​​GET IT?!?!? The first

Takoma Mamas Reunion!

Kicking off summer with an amazing group of mamas and babies (and the dads all taking the photos!) It was so much fun to be back in the group that started most of our lives as mamas over a year ago. When we met in colder weather back in 2016, all of these now super

Summer fun with baby!

So excited to get this summer started with this super fun little guy! While we aren’t singing and dancing in Zumbini or snuggling to dance in Baby Mombo we like to stay busy all around this town!  Follow us this summer to see all the fun we’ll be having in and out of classes!  Love,

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