My Baby Can Read! How Reading To Infants Develops A Lifelong Love of Reading!

I know from the title you can tell how excited I am that my baby can read! No, not picking up a random book and deciphering the words, but really starting to read on his current developmental level.   Where does reading begin? When should I read to a baby? What does this look like for

Again again again! How Repetition Helps Development!

How many times have you read your little one’s favorite book? Sang their favorite song? Played the same game over and over? It can drive us big kids crazy, but they still want more! Why? Here’s some info on how repetition helps development!   Repetition is key to learning and mastering anything. Any new skill,

Drumming Through The Years

          One of my favorite parts of teaching Zumbini® is seeing the growth each child makes week after week. Sometimes their growth is in singing a new word, sometimes it’s a social skill like waving to a friend or a physical skill like jumping, and sometimes it’s a musical skill! I’ve

Teaching With Breakfast Pizza!

Ok, I’m sure by now you’re probably wondering, “Does this family eat anything that isn’t pizza?” Yes, actually the only thing this kid typically eats for breakfast is porridge. (That’s right, not oatmeal, I said porridge like Goldilocks and the bears…) But today we were out of his typical favorite so when I asked what

Cooking Pizza Fun With A Toddler!

After writing my last post all about wanting pizza, my little guy got hungry. And guess what he said? “Make pizza? With some cheese?” Well more like sing-said as he repeated a line from our class song. So we had a cooking adventure making pizza together! This was the perfect opportunity to do some cooking

Trucks + Markers = Moving Art!

Recently I realized that my house contains more cars and trucks than 495 at rush hour! It all started with one USPS mail truck, then a UPS, and now a fleet of delivery type trucks all working side by side with bunches of construction trucks, service vehicles, and “Mama’s blue car.” While I love following

The Pizza Song & Topping Silliness! Learning In Zumbini®!

“I wanna Pizza! I wanna pizza! Spread the sauce! With some cheese!” If you have taken Zumbini® with me during the “Hili and The Dance” music collection then you know the Pizza Song! One of our class favorites is a delicious song all about making pizza together. The kids love to move along while they

Super Cute Halloween Matching Outfits!

As many of you may know from some funny shirts and water bottles I have in class, I love Charming Charlie’s! When I saw their most recent additions, I knew you would love these too! Click to photo buy your own! Hope you love dressing up with your little monster!   `a

Math With Pizza!

Whoever believes in not playing with your food should not eat at our house. Check out what stacking, balancing, and STEM concepts we learned with pizza!! At first he was super excited to have two pizza pieces stack up. Then he tried three pieces. Fell over. Tried again. Fell over. You get the idea. What

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