The Pizza Song & Topping Silliness! Learning In Zumbini®!

“I wanna Pizza! I wanna pizza! Spread the sauce! With some cheese!” If you have taken Zumbini® with me during the, “Hili and The Dance” music collection then you know the Pizza Song! One of our class favorites is a delicious song all about making pizza together. The kids love to move along while they

Super Cute Halloween Matching Outfits!

As many of you may know from some funny shirts and water bottles I have in class, I love Charming Charlie’s! When I saw their most recent additions, I knew you would love these too! Click to photo buy your own! Hope you love dressing up with your little monster!   `a

Math With Pizza!

Whoever believes in not playing with your food should not eat at our house. Check out what stacking, balancing, and STEM concepts we learned with pizza!! At first he was super excited to have two pizza pieces stack up. Then he tried three pieces. Fell over. Tried again. Fell over. You get the idea. What

Wednesday Night Cancellation

Hello Hello!   A huge thank you to all of you awesome mamas who have been coming to Strong Mama each week, I love being with you each week in class! Sad to make this change, but due to lower enrollment, the Wednesday night Strong Mama class has been cancelled. (On a positive note, I

Slide In Slow Motion=Hilarious Park Fun

​​ As our summer is coming to an end I knew I had to share this funny post. We found an amazing local park that not only has swings, climbers, wheels to spin, and slides, it also boarders the Green Line. Every 8-10 minutes it looked like a magic spell was cast over all of

Learning With Water

One of my favorite things to do this summer has been watching my son’s fascination with one of our most basic elements, water. This kid has had a bath every night since it was born (essential in our sleep routine) but seeing water move in these new ways outdoors was amazing! Over a few weeks

Learning To Throw: Lessons In The Dog Park

Here’s why dog and I are so excited these days: the little guy is learning how to throw a ball! WHOOO! It’s a little obvious why dog is so excited, but why am I? Besides the fact that they can both entertain each other while I do things like make dinner or pee, this is

Worry When They’re Quiet

Sheer joy, tons of excitement, all thanks to a tissue. Well, a box of tissues. This is just a snapshot, scroll for the real deal. While cooking dinner, he had changed from playing in the living room where he is in my sight line to playing in his room, out of sight line, but still

Working out with baby in the pool!

“So what do you want to do today?”- me at breakfast “Wa wa kick!”- baby (“Wa wa kick… what the heck does that mean?”)- me in my head “Wa wa kick!”- baby vigorously pointing to the door It took a few rounds of this conversation before mama finally was able to decode that he wants

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