Mama’s Night Out!

Saturday, December 2nd 7:45pm It’s time to jam out, move your body, and enjoy some vino sans kiddos and laundry. Part 1: No rhythm needed, just a smile and a shimmy while we get your heart pumping in the Zumba®​ part of this night! We’ll follow it up with slow

Jam & Jingle!

Join us for the 2nd Annual Jam & Jingle! Sunday, December 10th 10am- Zumbini® Class 11am- Zumbini® Class 12pm- Family Zumba® Class Come with the whole family for a day of singing, dancing, making music, and making memories together! Zumbini® is ideal for children aged 0-4 and during this special

Zumbini® Registration & Social Growth!

I cannot believe we are more than halfway through this fall semester and I just traded my flip flops for cute boots last week! Thank you to the almost 50 families who are joining me each week as we sing, dance, make music, and make memories together! As we are

New Study About Infant Development

Passing along this info to any local families who may be interested in participating: My name is Dr. Courtney Filippi and I am from the University of Maryland Child Development Lab and National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Our lab, The Child Development Lab, in College Park, MD, in collaboration

International Babywearing Week: Special Dance Class!

Super excited to bring you another special baby wearing dance class event during the International Babywearing Week Celebration! On Thursday, October 5th, join us for some high-energy dancing fun with your little one with a special drop-in rate of $10! Class will be held on 10/5 at 10:30am at Third

Free Babywearing Dance & Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness Classes Aug. 26-31st!

Looking for a new way to workout with your little one? Or a way to connect with other new mamas? Come try Baby Mombo (babywearing dance fitness) and Strong Mama (prenatal/postnatal fitness) classes free August 26-31st! See what new exercise routine you will love to do when the fall class

Come Join Me For A Free Class August 26th-31st! 

Excited For Fall? Me Too! Come Join Me For A Free Class August 26th-31st!  Try out Zumbini® for free then receive a special offer when you enroll in the fall session of classes! Save Your Free Zumbini® Class Spot Here! Come to Baby Mombo® or Strong Mama for free to

Singing Growth In 2 Days!

Here’s a little backstory if you don’t know us very well: I am a very musical person (concert/marching bands since 3rd grade, choirs, early childhood teacher using music in the classroom all day long, and Zumbini® teacher), this kid was probably singing in the womb (I taught music classes and

What Are You Doing This Summer?

Looking for a fun activity for your little one? Or looking for an air-conditioned way to stay in shape? Zumbini® is a super fun music and movement class for kids aged 0-4 to sing, dance, make music and memories with their caregivers. Baby Mombo is a baby wearing dance fitness

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