The Effect of Repetition On Young Children’s Growth In Zumbini

Ever notice how your little one loves doing some over and over again? Even if drives you crazy, they will ask for the same book to read, the same song to be played, or same game to be played again and again! When young children use repetition, they are learning and refining new skills their

Exploring Scarves In Zumbini

Scarves are an essential part of a Zumbini class every week not just for our games of peek-a-boo, they are one of the tools we use to teach many different concepts while having a ton of fun!  Scarves are lightweight, easy to move through the air, provide a great hiding spot, and can always make

Exploring Drums In Zumbini

Drums are one of the most natural instruments for young children because of the simplicity to create sound. Just moving their hand onto another object creates a sound whether that object is a drum head, pots and pans, a high chair tray, anything! When drums are introduced in Zumbini, we want the children to enjoy

Saturday Location Change Announcement

Hello Friends, This week has brought a big change to our Saturday morning Strong Mama and Zumbini classes. As of February 9th, all classes will be moved to a new location. This effects everyone registered for Saturday classes, anyone doing a makeup class Saturday mornings, or drop-ins for Strong Mama.  As many of you know, the

Exploring Bells In Zumbini

Bells are one of the most visual parts of a Zumbini class, and one of the most delicious too! These shiny, jingly instruments are a quick favorite for many young children because of the sounds they are able to produce. Whether just turning over the bells carefully in their hands or shaking them as fast

Exploring Sticks In Zumbini

Sticks can be one of the most versatile instruments your little one will ever play. While in class they are natural colored wood, 8”, and in matching sets, you may start to notice that your little one can find a substitute everywhere: wooden spoons, pencils, chopsticks, tree limbs, anything can be a musical instrument! Tapping sticks uses

Exploring Eggs In Zumbini

Shaking eggs has always been a favorite instrument when working with young children, both in a traditional classroom format and in Zumbini. Eggs are super fun, easy to create a sound, and portable for these little movers! One of my favorite things about eggs is how easy it is to create a sound. Just turning

Music Is A Language For Everyone In Zumbini

Maybe you’ve seen one of my favorite quotes, “Music is the universal language.” Every week in Zumbini I am reminded how true this statement is. It doesn’t matter what language someone speaks to communicate, everyone can “speak” music.  From the tiny babies with little verbal language to a fluent adult, everyone can communicate with music. When

Free Zumbini Class!

Ready to start 2019 off with a Free Zumbini class?  Wednesday, Jan. 9th, 9:30am Rock Creek Dance Academy Bethesda, MD Click here to save your spot! Wednesday, Jan. 9th, 10:30am Rock Creek Dance Academy Bethesda, MD Click here to save your spot! Thursday, Jan. 10th, 10am Posh Cycling and Fitness College Park, MD Click here

Want To Teach Zumbini? Train With Me!

Are you loving Zumbini with your little one? Think you are ready to make the leap and start teaching yourself? Come train with me in 2019! After teaching Zumbini for 5 years, I am now excited to bring Zumbini to more kids around the country as a Master Trainer. I love meeting people who have

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