*Please note: All classes are still on hold right now. I  am working to rebuild enough strength to start these classes again later this fall.

Email with any questions. Thank you! *

Excited to see you in Baby Mombo or Strong Mama classes soon!


Ready for Drop-In?

To attend a drop-in class just scroll down to select the day/time/type of class you want to attend (ex. “Baby Mombo Tuesdays 10:30am), select the date you want to attend (ex. April 17th), and continue through the checkout process. Drop-in classes are $15. Click here for a drop-in class.

Want To Attend More Often? Need more scheduling flexibility or want to come to both types of classes?

Save money with a class pass!

Follow this step-by-step guide to purchase your class pass:

  • Purchase your (5) class pass,  (10) class pass, or 1-month unlimited class pass first.
  • You’ll automatically receive an email with a unique coupon code designed just for you. (Copy the code and hold on to it for a minute!)
  • Further down this page, you will see all of the days/times available for Baby Mombo and Strong Mama classes.
    • Click on the day/time you want to attend (ex. “Mondays at 7:45pm”), then select the date you want to attend on the next screen (ex. April 9th).
    • Click add to cart on the next screen to save the class you want to attend.
  • You can either continue to add more classes that you want to save your spot ahead of time by continuing to add to your cart or click go to checkout.
  • When you’re at the checkout, Paste the unique coupon code you received in your email to make your checkout “Free”!
  • Once you submit your order for the chosen classes (which should appear free) then you will receive another email confirming your spot in those classes. You’re all set!

Click below to register:




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